Protection products or substances that have the function of avoiding, destroy, Attract, repel or combat any pest or disease, in undesirable species such as plants or animals, during production, storage, transport, distribution and processing of food or agricultural products.



(Paclobutrazol 250 SC)

K-ZOL It is a growth regulator of the group of triazoles, decreases vegetative growth and encourages the development of flower buds. Indirectly favors the development of fruit set avocado.


Mix Preparation

  • K-ZOL, It is prepared by diluting the indicated dose in a container with water and then pour the solution into the final container; completing with water to the required volume until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Use p.H water 7-8.
  • Apply to plants in field capacity and only when there are no stress..

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(Quinil galato 300 g/L)

BIOTAN is a biological contact nematicide, acts directly on the composition of the cuticle (protein, collagens, lipids, among others) of the body of nematodes in different stages, causing a systemic imbalance of the pathogen.

Application Methods

Drain the system, make sure that the application is uniform on the soil to ensure that all the product wets the root zone.

  • Before using BIOTAN, shake the container well.
  • The effectiveness of the product depends on the humidity in the soil, so it is recommended to apply after irrigation and / or fertilization (soil in field capacity).

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